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Keeping Music Alive

Rick has had a passion for guitar since he was a young boy.  Blessed to have been born into a musically inclined family, he would sneak and pick up his older brother's guitar while he was away at football practice.  There were always pig roasts and bluegrass jams in the back room of the old house on Mt. Zion Rd. His Uncle Rick would drop in from time to time and rip off some Chet Atkins, Yankee Doodle Dixie or sit down at the upright piano for some boogie-woogie.  His first real gig was at 15 years old at The Southgate House in Newport Ky, birthplace of the Tommy Gun.  After high school, Rick began his studies in classical guitar at NKU where he embraced his fingerstyle technique. He continued his electric guitar education by studying under a family friend, Scotty Anderson. If you haven't heard of Scotty, you need to!  After college he would go on to teach private lessons which has become one of his passions to this day.  As of late, you can find him playing solo acoustic gigs or chicken-pick'n a telecaster with The Closers.   If you are looking for some fun entertainment for a private event, for your venue, or even interested in signing up for music lessons, make sure you fill out the contact form.  God Bless! 

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